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Resolute Group Hospitality division owns and operates various brands under its trade license Resolute Restaurants Management LLC & Resolute Culinary Arts FZE.

Part of Specialty Group in India, Resolute has the rights to operate Asia Kitchen by Mainland China in UAE. Asia Kitchen by Mainland China offers the best of Pan Asian Cuisine from across southeast Asia. Inspired by travel and a passion for different cultures, Asia Kitchen by Mainland China has a vast menu of culinary delights, utilizing the freshest ingredients to bring homemade dishes straight to customers tables.

Since its inception 2018, Asia Kitchen by Mainland China has been one of top-rated restaurants in Dubai. It has also been awarded the Best Casual Dine In restaurant by “WhatsOn”.


Resolute group decided to carve out their own brands from their years of experience in the culinary field. The inception of the brands started with on boarding an Executive Chef with a vast experience of various cuisines. The result are the two new brands from Resolute Group registered under the license of Resolute Culinary.


Asian Accent, the concept of this brand is to take customers on a journey through the sea which connects all the food capitals of East Asia. We wish to recreate the amazing journey through all these food heavens and showcase to the immense diverse culture of Dubai, keeping the flavour profile

international / Bhendi Bazaar, we wanted to create an inimitable culinary experience by recreating the exclusive food of


Bhendi Bazaar, South Mumbai, by taking an educational path to enhance their taste palate and focusing on sustainability and giving it back to the community keeping all the flavours international.

Traditional Japanese cuisine is known as Washoku (meaning ‘harmony’ and ‘to eat’). Washoku’s philosophy focuses on the harmony of ingredients that’s both visually appealing and nutritious. Washoku centers on the classic staples of Japanese cuisine: rice, seafood, ocean vegetables like kombu kelp, pickles, and seasonal vegetables.
Japan has many ways of eating, out of which the major comprises of bowl food. Roppongi takes inspiration from the bowl food served in a fun manner with elegance and flair

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Chef's Signature Wasabi Prawns
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